NAVTEX Receiver SNX-300

NAVTEX Receiver SNX-300

NAVTEX is designed to receive all the marine safety information service made with the letter broadcasting both in English and in Local language on International Frequency: 518KHZ and on Local Frequency: 490KHZ or 4209.5KHZ.NAVTEX provides navigational warnings such as iceberg movement-related safety, Meteorological warnings such as typhoons and wave heights and search and Rescue activities by Coast Guard or Coast Station, including any urgent warnings.

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Key Features

  • New model designed to IMO resolution and performance standards effective from July 1st . 2005 (IMO Resolution MSC.148(77) ITU-R, M.540-2, M.625-3, IEC-61162).
  • English channel(518KHz) & local channel(490KHz/4209.5KHz) are simultaneously receiving by two receivers built-in.
  • Receiving messages sets-up from outer navigational equipment and channels.
  • Storage for over 200 advisory including 8,000 receiving letters in average length per channel.
  • 50 messages permanently stored per channel and 72-hour-long storage of receiving letters.
  • Automatic power blockage runs by voltage protection circuit.
  • Interfaced to INS (Integrated Navigation System) according to IEC-61162.
  • Fully ITU / IMO / GMDSS Compliant
  • Built-in two receivers (Dual Channels)
  • Long Storage of received messages
  • Automatic Power Blockage (Protection Circuit)
  • Frequency: 818kHz; 490kHz or 4209.5kHz
  • Self-diagnosis and alarm function
  • 1,600,000 letter storage
  • Thermal serial optional printer

Scope of Supply

  1. Main Unit (SNX-300) 6 Inch Display (10~36 VDC)
  2. Antenna (Active Type, SAN-300)
  3. User/Installation Manual


  1. Power Supply (SP- 300AD)
    Input:110/220AC/24VDC; Output: 12VDC
  2. Printer (LK- T20) Serial

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NAVTEX Receiver SNX-300 Brochure

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