Marine MF/HF Radio (DSC, NBDP) SRG-150DN

Marine MF/HF Radio (DSC, NBDP) SRG-150DN

SRG-150DN/250DN (DSC, NBDP) MF/HF Radio Equipment, which is designed and developed for medium and long range communications, fully complied with all the requirements of GMDSS that can be installed on both IMO and non-IMO vessel. SRG-150DN/250DN (DSC, NBDP), which is integrated with DSC unit, Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) and Noise Blanker Circuit, enables reliable communications and also ease of installation owing to compact and light weight with NBDP function.

Key Features

  • Compliant with ITU (ITU-R M.493-14, M.541-10), IMO and GMDSS standard.
  • Improvement of sound quality, which applied with new conceptual SYNTHESIZE technology and noise-free realization.
  • Implements a digital filter using DSP, eliminates external noise and noise generated by inside of the ship, significantly improves call quality.
  • Compact size with simplified key and dial for the maximized and easy operations.
  • Designed as one-unit DSC and W / K receiver built in the desktop of transceiver.
  • Installed with 10.4-inch color LCD for easy message reading of NBDP TERMINAL.
  • Each function and frequency are easy to read with the adoption of liquid crystal display.
  • Available with quick scan function for the variation of transmission output, frequencies and channels by group or individually.
  • Available MEMORY with 100 DSC transmitting messages (100 MEMORY FILE EDIT)
  • Available MEMORY with 100 DSC receiving messages (Distress: 50 messages and Ordinary: 50 messages).
  • Installed a built-in internal speaker (Optional external speaker available).

Scope of Supply

  1. Main Unit (SRG 150DN)
  2. Automatic Antenna Tuner (SAT-100)
  3. Hand Mike (SM-1150)
  4. User/Installation Manual


  1. DSC/RX Antenna (SAN-30R) 21 Ft
  2. TX Antenna (SAN-308) 26.4 Ft
  3. Power Supply (SP-1250ADC)
    Output: 24VDC (30Amp)
    Automatic Batt/Charger
  4. NBDP Terminal (SN-100) 10.4″ Color LCD

Additional information


SRG-150DN GMDSS Marine MF-HF Radio Brochure

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