V-Mail – Satellite Emailing Solution

V-Mail – Satellite Emailing Solution

V-Mail is an email client that allows the vessels to send and receive short email messages, without attachments, through various FMT terminals, and full functional email messages, with attachments, through Inmarsat FleetBroadband or any other INTERNET connection available.

Vessel may use one or both connectives simultaneously.

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Key Features

  • V-Mail with FMT Terminals
  • V-Mail Service Enable / Disable
  • Shore To Vessel¬†Enable / Disable
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Character Max Limit to and fro Vessel
  • V-Mail with Inmarsat FleetBroadBand Terminals & Internet Connections
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Up to 80% Email Compression on V-Mail Client and Server
  • Up to 80% Compression of file before making attachments to the email
  • Email Body Size Limit Setting
  • Attachment Size Limit Setting
  • Attachment Allow & Disallow Control
  • Shore to Ship Email Control
  • Authorized and Blocked Senders List
  • Option of Fetching email Headers only, to perform various actions e.g. Download, Delete, Hold on Server etc.
  • Very easy to install and User Friendly
  • Low Cost Satellite Email Solution
  • Two Connection:
    Two Email addresses but one email client; Ability to use two email address simultaneously, one for Satellite MAT/SSAS Terminals (Email Messaging only, without file attachment) and one for FBB/Internet emails (with file attachment support);
  • Free License to use with FMT Terminals FMT-SSAS-V1, FMT-SSAS-V2, FMT-MAT-V1, FMT-MAT-V2
  • Lowest License fee For FleetBroadband & Internet emails
  • 24/7 Connectivity through FMT IDP terminals without any stand-by cost of airtime
  • 24/7 Connectivity, manual connection or on demand connection for FBB/Internet
  • Remote Communication Monitoring by Vessel Management
  • Auto CC and auto BCC to particular email address for communication control and backup purpose

Key Benefits

Data Compression Reduce Data Cost

  • Data compression more than 80%
  • Attachment filtering
  • Automatic attachment compression; both from vessel to office and office to vessel
  • Configurable email body text size
  • Configurable attachment size
  • Strong Spam Filter

License Fee

  • Free License to use with FMT Terminals FMT-SSAS-V1, FMT-SSAS-V2, FMT-MAT-V1, FMT-MAT-V2
  • License Free to use with Inmarsat, Iridium etc. is 40$ / Vessel / Month.

V-Mail Software Download

Free download the software from: http://falconmegasolutions.com/software/v-mail/