em-trak A200

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Class-A AIS

A200 is a fully integrated AIS Class A transceiver which is both SOLAS and Inland Waterway certified for global compliance with all national and international (IMO) commercial vessel AIS regulations.

  • Full electronic chart operation
  • Ruggedized
  • MOB & SAR alert and tracking system
  • Receives and decodes all AIS message types
  • Pilot port
A200 Class A AIS Transceiver em-trak

AIS em-trak A200 Class A 1    AIS em-trak A200 Class A 2    AIS em-trak A200 Class A 3


A single integrated and small unit which is water and weather proof (IPx6 & IPx7), with integrated colour display. The A200 is easy to install, use, and integrate with all bridge systems as well as offering a full range of sophisticated AIS functionality such as alerts, target filters, vessel information lists, real time weather and more.

The A200 is the world’s most sophisticated, fully integrated, globally certified high performance AIS Class A transceiver.

Proven, superior real world AIS message receive and transmit and message processing performance is delivered by advanced core SDR AIS technology from the global leaders in AIS technology – SRT Marine Systems Plc. This state of the art technology ensures you see more targets more of the time at maximum range.

The integrated high visibility full colour display delivers a huge range of functionality within an intuitive multi-lingual menu system that makes day to day use of the A200 easy. A full colour HD screen coupled with clear graphic and text display allows you maximise your benefit from the wide range of functionality. Functionality that includes detailed charting with AIS target overlay, simple AIS radar display, multiple AIS target filters,
alarm management and MOB tracking to name just a few.

Despite the sophistication and performance, the A200 is engineered from the ground up to be the toughest AIS transceiver. IPx6 and IPx7 water and weather proof, coupled with
vibration and shock resistance means that the A200 can be installed and operated in any marine environment – internal or external.

The unique combination of the A200’s performance, functionality and toughness makes it the ideal choice for all commercial or military users who demand optimal performance and reliability.


  • Single fully integrated Class A transceiver
  • Water and weather proof – IPx6 and IPx7 certified
  • Integrated WVGA colour display
  • Full electronic chart operation
  • Multi-lingual menu options
  • Day light and night display modes
  • Integrated long range WiFi
  • Dual NMEA0183 and NMEA2000
  • Ruggedized – water, moisture, salt, fog, shock and vibration proof
  • MOB & SAR alert and tracking system
  • Internationally certified – SOLAS, IMO, USCG, FCC, EU, CCNR, Industry Canada
  • Continuous internal fault check & diagnosis system
  • Intelligent connectivity for all bridge systems: Gyrocompass, ECDIS, VHF DSC etc
  • Receives and decodes all AIS message types
  • Pilot port

Technical Specs

Size (w x h x d) – 152 x 165 x 95mm
Weight – 1.1kg
Operating temperature – -25°C to +55°C
Storage temperature – -25°C to +70°C
Ingress protection – IPx6 and IPx7


Supply voltage – 12V or 24V DC
Supply voltage range – 9.6V – 31.2V DC
Average current (at 12V) – 520mA
Peak current – 6A
Average power consumption (at 12V) – 6.2W
Galvanic isolation – NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, Power supply, VHF antenna port


VHF antenna – SO-239
Power – 2 way circular multipole
NMEA 0183/silent mode/blue sign – 14 way circular multipole
NMEA 0183/alarm relay – 18 way circular multipole
NMEA 2000 – 5 way Micro-C connector


NMEA 0183 – 3 x input ports. 3 x bi-directional ports
NMEA 2000 – NMEA 2000 Ed 3.101, LEN=1
Wi-Fi – IEEE 802.11 (a/b/g), client and access point mode supported (5 connections in access point mode)

AIS standards – IEC 61993-2 Ed. 3
Product safety standards – EN60950-1 2006 +A11:2009 +A1:2010 +A12:2011 +A2:2013
Environmental standards – IEC 60945 Ed. 4
Serial data interface standards – IEC 61162-1 Ed 5.0.  IEC 61162-2 Ed 1.0
NMEA 2000 – NMEA 2000 Ed 3.101
GNSS performance standards – IEC 61108-1 Ed 2.0.  IEC 61108-02 Ed 1.0


Systems supported – GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
(two of any combination, three including GPS, Galileo)
Channels – 72
Internal/external antenna – External only
Time to first fix from cold start – 26s


VDL access scheme – SOTDMA
Operating frequency – 156.025MHz – 162.025MHz
Channel bandwidth – 25kHz
Receivers/transmitters – 3 x receivers, 1 x transmitter
AIS receiver sensitivity (20% PER) – -111dBm
AIS transmitter power – 12W (+41dBm)


Screen – 5″ 800 x 480 full colour LCD
Buttons – Rotary encoder for selection and entry, 4 menu keys and 4 direction keys
SD card interface – Micro SD card interface for logging and chart cards (not available from em-trak)


Size –  85 x 70mm
Weight – 470g
Ingress protection – IPx6 and IPx7
Mounting – 1 inch 14 TPI pole mount required
GNSS systems supported – GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou

Scope of Supply

  1. AIS Transceiver
  2. Mounting Bracket and Fixings Pack
  3. Product Manual and Document Pack
  4. Power Cable
  5. 14 Way Data Cable
  6. 18 Way Data Cable
  7. GPS Antenna


  1. VHF Antenna (SAN-150)
  2. VHF Antenna Cable


A200 AIS Class A Product Brochure  AIS em-trak A200 Class A 2  5 MB

A200 Quick Start Guide  AIS em-trak A200 Class A 2  5 MB