Furuno Felcom 18

Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station

IMO and GMDSS Compliant

Furuno FELCOM 18 is Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station. It provides a high quality two-way telex and data link between ships and other parties at sea or on land.

All functions and services of the Inmarsat-C system are provided: EGC (Safety NET/FleetNET), distress message handling, two-way digital store-and-forward messaging including polling, data reporting, E-mail, etc.

Distress alert are initiated by the remote distress alert unit. The distress message including own ship’s position is easily edited. A PC can be used for editing the message via Ethernet when it is supplied with dedicated software.

Furuno Felcom 18 Inmarsat C 1

Furuno Felcom 18 Inmarsat C 2    Furuno Felcom 18 Inmarsat C 3    Furuno Felcom 18 Inmarsat C 4


The FELCOM 18 consists of an antenna and display unit with keyboard. The display unit embodies a 10.4″ color LCD and processor unit. The distress alert button is incorporated in the display for emergency.

Data files and utility program on floppy disks are easily loaded into the processor through the front loading disk drive in the display unit. The compact design of display unit and omni-directional antenna unit offer space-saving installation.

An optional GPS module is available for position reporting without operator’s intervention. GMDSS compliance can be achieved by adding a printer and a AC/DC power supply unit.

Key features


  • Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station terminal for GMDSS application
  • Full GMDSS compliance with optional printer and AC/DC power supply
  • SSAS capability with optional SSAS alert units
  • Compatibility with LRIT application
  • A wide variety of communication schemes available: telex, FAX, emailing, EGC, Data reporting/polling, etc.
  • SD card utilized for recording media
  • GPS receiver (option)

Satellite Coverage

Furuno Felcom 18 Inmarsat C 5

 Furuno Felcom 18 Inmarsat C 2

Scope of Supply

  1. Antenna Unit with 30 m cable IC-118
  2. Terminal Unit with keyboard IC-218
  3. Junction Box IC-318
  4. Installation materials


  1. Distress Alert/Received Call Unit IC-305
  2. Alarm Unit IC-306
  3. AC/DC Power Supply Unit PR-240
  4. GPS Board Kit
  5. SSAS Alert Unit IC-307
  6. Printer PP-510


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