Samyung SEC-730 

Electronic Compass

RS-422 Data Output

Samyung SEC-730 Electronic Compass provides heading feed to all external bridge equipment including, AIS, ARPA Radar, and ECDIS, like Gyro Compass.

Position and Coordinates signal from GPS Plotter and GPS which can be output through one of RS-422 port, and interfaced with external navigation equipment.

Samyung SEC-730 Electronic Compass 1

Samyung SEC-730 Electronic Compass 2    Samyung SEC-730 Electronic Compass 3    Samyung SEC-730 Electronic Compass 4

Key Features

  • Tracks GPS data using SBAS in seconds
  • Provides stable and accurate data in dynamic conditions
  • Compensates heading offset with software
  • Built in performance of automatic compensation of magnetic variation
  • Waterproof housing and cable system
  • Interfacing with all the marine electronics adopting digital heading signals

Scope of Supply

  1. Main Unit (SEC-730)
  2. Installation Material
  3. User/Installation Manual


Samyung SEC-730 E-Compass  Samyung SEC-730 Electronic Compass 3  800 KB